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We are able to carry out the fallowing services:

*Repair/replace minor leaks, cracked windowpanes, rotten wood and destroyed sills

*Small amounts of general carpentery, drywall and plastering.

*Correction of any and all cracks and holes before decoration or paint.

*Strip and prepare wall and cielings, then hang wallpaper pretty much or any material.

*Prepare and paint any surface, whether to a first class standard, or for just tidy up.  

We are a Santa Barbara based painting company with extensive experience in delivering home and business owners exceptional paint job at an affordable price



No job is too small or too big!

Whether its a complete interior or just some touch upsyou can count on us to finish the job.



Looking or a fresh new look? Talk to our color specialist!

We guarantee the most bang for your buck on

all exterior projects. 

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