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Humble Beginnings

Our Story 

Our Purpose

The founder and operator of the company Marcelo Fesembeck, gained his experience at a very young age. In 1972 he began learning from an Argentinian master carpenter, soaking up everything there was to know about wood and stain; during the same period he studied the art of painting and coloring. In these classes is where he fell in love with painting.


In the late 80’s he started working with a general contractor and trained as a bricklayer. He also learned applying wall paper and applies different textures. In 2000, the socio-economic situation in his country had him think about looking for a safe place for his family, being USA the place that opened its arms for him and his family. Destiny made California the State to shelter Marcelo’s family. Once he settled with his family; he worked for different companies and also took different courses at City College. One of the most outstanding courses was the art of sculpture in stone. He also worked as a professional painter for locals companies and for more than 7 years at the University of Santa Barbara. He thought it was time to create his own company with a mix of art and building painting, Enjoy Colors Painting was born. For all the experience acquired and Marcelo’s commitment to the environment you will not find a company with so much knowledge in the art of apply textures, stain or just paint . Our workers, like Marcelo, are people with the desire of working, respect and service.



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